Basin Electric’s Kevin Solie spends time on the east coast presenting his engineering skills


Kevin Solie, Basin Electric’s senior environmental compliance administrator.

Kevin Solie, Basin Electric senior environmental compliance administrator, had a busy month in May. From Washington D.C. to Clemson, South Carolina, Solie demonstrated his knowledge and expertise as an environmental engineer.

Solie participated in a panel of only 14 engineers at the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) headquarters in Clemson, South Carolina. The panel’s purpose was to establish the minimum passing score for the Professional Engineers exam all engineers must take prior to becoming a professional engineer. The panel was tasked with taking the exam and then rating the questions based on difficulty. Since the engineers involved had knowledge in different areas, they were able to determine the appropriate minimum score for test takers.

Then, while in Washington D.C., Solie presented at the USWAG (Utility Solid Waste Activities Group) CCR (Coal Combustion Residuals) workshop on the “1-of-m” method, or resampling method. This method is used to resample wells where results show potential contamination caused by CCR’s. He addressed the problem of false positive results when testing for contamination and how the percentages build up over time since a limited amount of well water is tested, and the water that is tested could convey a minimal chance of being contaminated, “but a chance none-the-less,” according to Solie. Read more on the workshop at: Basin Electric employee gives environmental testing presentation in Washington, D.C.

Solie’s job at Basin Electric focuses on managing information pertaining to coal ash material, and he is responsible for publishing CCR Rule compliance information from each of the coal-based power plants on Basin Electric’s website, in accordance with EPA regulations.

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