Basin Electric employees have different reasons for riding at GABR


Nathan Johnson is part of Basin Electric’s GABR team, Go Big or Go Home. Johnson’s son, Isaac, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when he was one year old.

Two Basin Electric employees. Two different GABR stories. Both united in celebration of children and young adults with cerebral palsy.

More than 20 years ago, Mark Foss, Basin Electric senior vice president and general counsel, was asked by a friend to bring his road style bicycle to Northbrook Mall. Little did Foss know he was at the ground level of what turned into a major fundraising event. 

With volunteers and riders like Foss, the Great American Bike Race (GABR) has grown from a small event that first raised $500 to one that attracts more than 1,000 riders, and has raised more than $3.5 million to help families in central and western North Dakota who are impacted by cerebral palsy.

Nathan Johnson, Basin Electric senior fleet and logistics administrator, and his family know about the beauty and benefit of GABR. Johnson’s son Isaac, 8, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when he was one year old. 

Johnson describes GABR as a day to celebrate Isaac and other children with cerebral palsy or other childhood-onset conditions permanently affecting development.  

Armed with Isaac’s Infantry, a team made up of Isaac’s family, siblings and close family friends, Isaac is blanketed with love and positive energy, as his infantry pedals for those who can’t. 

Thanks to GABR, Isaac is able to enjoy the simple pleasure of pedaling a bike. His family received funds from GABR to buy an adaptive bike. Now Isaac, with a push from his big brother or little sister, can take part in family bike rides.

Listen to Foss and Johnson each talk about their GABR experiences.

Don’t forget to donate to your favorite rider on one of Basin Electric’s two GABR teams: Go Big or Go Home or Basin Electric’s Power Peddlers.

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