Basin Electric’s inaugural leadership class graduates

Participants of BE Leaders, Basin Electric’s leadership program created in 2017, meet in-person every quarter. Networking and discussion about leadership topics are an important part of the program.


Last year, 76 Basin Electric employees explored various aspects of leadership through the co-op’s inaugural session of its BE Leaders program.

Launched in January 2017, the 12-month program empowers Basin Electric’s employee-participants to explore their leadership potential, while working to positively influence others and examine the co-op philosophy.

“When employees begin their career at Basin Electric, we encourage them to look at professional and personal growth opportunities,” says Kristi Pfliger-Keller, Basin Electric learning and development administrator. “Maybe it’s not a leadership position they’re interested in, but BE Leaders will help them learn about other areas in the cooperative, too.”

BE Leaders was created not only as a proactive measure about future retirement projections, but also to let employees know they have opportunities to grow personally and professionally within the cooperative.

Through an application process, the program is open to any Basin Electric employee interested in personal and professional development.

“BE Leaders impacts and touches so many more people than the participants and opens up more doors outside of their core group,” says Pammie Lipford, learning and development administrator.

The inaugural BE Leaders class graduated in December 2017, and the 2018 class started in January.

Learn more about the BE Leaders program, the curriculum and leadership development project by reading the full story in the Winter 2018 issue of Basin Today: Employees graduate from inaugural BE Leaders program.

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