Deer Creek donation gives volunteer fire department the gift of air

White Fire Dpt

Deer Creek Assistant Plant Superintendent Gerry Henriksen (center) presents a check to Russell Larson (left) and Trevor Schwartz, volunteer firefighters for the city of White, South Dakota.

Deer Creek Station, a natural gas peaking plant near Elkton, South Dakota, recently gave a donation that will help the volunteer firefighters in the small town of White, South Dakota, breathe easier.

The $6,000 donation, given by Basin Electric’s Charitable Giving Program, will be used to purchase several new Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus, or SCBA, units, which are air packs used by firefighters to help them breathe when entering a smoke-filled room. “They are kind of like SCUBA air tanks, but are used on land, not water,” says Gerry Henriksen, Deer Creek’s assistant plant superintendent.

“All the firefighters were very appreciative and invited us to a special dinner meeting where we presented them with the check,” Henriksen says. “White’s fire department is the one that is ready to respond if Deer Creek would ever need it, so it’s important that we support them so they can support us.”

In addition to this grant, the fire department also receives an annual $500 donation from Basin Electric. The donation is given to all the fire departments located near its facilities in appreciation for their preparedness to assist if it is ever needed.

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