Retiree’s handmade bowls make money twice for United Way


Marthaller bowls, donated by Levchak.

Deb Levchak, former Basin Electric attorney, donated wooden bowls created by Duey Marthaller, former Basin Electric manager of civil engineering, to help raise money for United Way.

We auctioned off all three bowls on the intranet’s bulletin board, silent auction style, to raise money for Basin Electric’s United Way campaign. We had fun with the promotion of the auction, having former colleagues of Marthaller’s displaying the bowls as though they were bowling balls (see photos below).

The auction ended at noon on Nov. 3, with the bowls bringing in $360.

Jason Brekke

Jason Brekke, Basin Electric senior GIS analyst.

Megan Milbradt

Megan Milbradt, Basin Electric civil engineer III.

Cindy Becker

Cindy Becker, Basin Electric administrative assistant III.

Levchak says when she won the bowls initially during United Way auctions, she paid somewhere between $50-$85 each. So, through two auctions over the years, these three bowls have raised at least $510 for United Way.

Levchak says she loved the bowls, and kept a very large walnut bowl and a beautiful kaleidoscope. “So glad they made some significant donations for United Way. Duey’s work is beautiful and it’s nice knowing the bowls are going back to Basin employees,” she says.

Jason Brekke, Basin Electric senior GIS analyst and former co-worker of Marthaller, talked to him after the auction. “He mentioned that he’s not really selling any of his work these days, just donating it. Also that he gets a lot of enjoyment out of making things that help others,” Brekke says. “He also said it was a great idea by Deb to donate the bowls.”

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