Former Basin Electric coworkers remember longtime plant manager


Dallas Wade (2007 photo)

Former longtime Laramie River Station Plant Manager Dallas Wade passed away Aug. 27 in Wheatland, WY.

Wade, 69, started working for Basin Electric in 1976 as an assistant plant manager at Leland Olds Station, then moved to Wheatland in 1978. From 1978 to 2007, Wade worked as a plant manager of Laramie River Station, where he retired in 2007.

Brian Larson, Laramie River Station plant manager, worked alongside Wade for 28 years.

“Dallas would always take the time to listen intently and show interest in any discussion,” Larson says. “He was very passionate about the proper operation of the Laramie River Station and many times he would ask me my opinion on environmental, chemistry, and operational issues.

“I will always remember him telling me, ‘You cannot wait until you have 90-95 percent of the information to make a decision. Sometimes you need to make decisions with only 60-70 percent of the information and stand by your decision.’ This had a profound effect on me as a young mechanical engineer.

“When Dallas retired, he would call to see if it was OK to come out to the plant and visit with me. I would write down questions I wanted to ask him about managing the plant and he would be more than happy to tell me. He always worried he was taking up too much of my time but I found his insights fascinating.

“Dallas was a great person and great mentor to everyone who worked for him,” Larson says.

Mike Fluharty, former Laramie River Station plant manager and former Basin Electric vice president of Operations, had this to say about Wade: “Kind of like the passing of an icon. For almost 30 years, he defined Laramie River Station.”

A memorial to the American Diabetes Association, 2451 Crystal Drive, Suite 900, Arlington, Virginia 22202, would be appreciated by the family.

Read Wade’s full obituary.

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