Avoiding the energy rush hour

Turning off lights when no one is in the room, or turning off the TV when no one’s watching it helps reduce the amount of energy a household uses.

But did you know the time of day that energy is used also impacts the electricity bill?

Kory Hammerbeck, operations manager at Basin Electric Class A member Rushmore Electric, says certain times of the day – typically early morning and early evening – can be likened to rush hour traffic on a Los Angeles freeway.

“You hit the freeway in L.A., and it’s jammed because everyone is on the road at the same time,” says Hammerbeck. “All those cars are trying to inefficiently reach their destination.”

Like commuters adjusting their travel schedule to avoid traffic, a load management program shifts energy usage to a different time to avoid the energy peak. It doesn’t necessarily use less energy. But by avoiding the peak, Rushmore’s demand bill is lessened.

“Our long-term goal is cost savings for the whole membership,” Hammerbeck says. “It’s back to the slogan of ‘we’re all in this together.’ It’s just the co-op way.”

For more information about Rushmore Electric’s load management program, read the May-June issue of Basin Today: Power to keep the electric bill low.

How member-consumers can help keep rates low

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