Dry Fork Station creates positive energy at Boys and Girls Club of Campbell County


In Campbell County, Wyoming, where the depression and suicide rate among teens is alarmingly high, the activities committee at Dry Fork Station has stepped in to create some positive energy.

Campbell County recently donated a former elementary school to be used as a community center and the headquarters for several community organizations including the area United Way, Girl Scouts, and the Boys & Girls Club of Campbell County, which provides a safe, sober environment for area youth. The only problem was that the building needed remodeling, so local businesses and organizations were asked to help.

“The community really stepped up and jumped on board,” says Ashley Fraser, senior safety coordinator at Dry Fork Station and head of its activities committee. Businesses were asked to sponsor the room of their choice, which meant a little bit of money and a lot of creativity and elbow grease. Fraser says she and the other committee members toured the building and decided to sponsor the teen room.

Fraser says when the committee toured the building, the teen room contained tables and chairs from its days as an elementary classroom, a pool table with one cue stick, and a dart board with a few darts. The committee decided that, since many of the kids using this room deal with bullying, and are part of a demographic with a high rate of depression and suicide, it wanted to create a space that was positive and uplifting. And, since the group was representing the local power plant, it also wanted to tie in the energy industry. When someone commented that they loved the “positive energy” idea, they all agreed that was the theme they were looking for.

Through a grant from Basin Electric’s charitable giving program, Fraser purchased motivational artwork and an Edison-style lamp in addition to a billiard set so the kids can play pool, another dart board and extra darts so they can have tournaments, a flat screen TV and furniture (purchased at cost thanks to the owner of a local furniture store) that makes the room feel like home.

It only took one day for volunteers to clean out the room, paint it, hang the TV, and equip it with all the goodies that fill it with positive energy. The day after the work was done, the club’s staff couldn’t say enough about how great it looked and how excited the kids were to have such a fun place to hang out.

“Dry Fork Station has a lot of caring people with valuable skills who are willing to donate their time to help the community,” Fraser says. “It’s amazing what $1,500 and a group of people who truly want to help can do.


The “before” photo: Seven members of Dry Fork Station’s activities committee helped transform the teen room of Campbell County Boys & Girls Club from a former elementary school classroom into a perfect teen hangout. They were: Multimedia Specialist III/Senior Graphic Designer Tracey Krusi; Senior Safety Coordinator Ashley Fraser, Mechanic Chris Lotvedt, Lead Warehouseperson Dawn Fulciniti, Warehouseperson Eric Williams, Performance Engineer Nolan Bray, Utility Operator Ronda Warner, and Lead Lab Technician Nicole Heafner.



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