Basin Electric engineer earns football accolades


Ryan Drevlow

Two things Ryan Drevlow had a knack for while growing up were STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) and football.

The former led to his employment at Basin Electric as an electrical engineer. The latter led to his most recent athletic achievement – being voted to North Dakota State University’s (NDSU) All-Fargodome Division I Team.

Drevlow, originally from Gwinner, ND, first learned of the fan-voted honor after the list was released July 10.

“I was a little surprised, to be honest with you,” Drevlow says. “I was just one of those guys up front, a hole-plugger, and you don’t necessarily expect recognition. That’s all right with me, though apparently I made enough of an impression on some fans to vote me in. But it wasn’t expected, that’s for sure.”

Regarding academics, Drevlow started down the engineering path at a young age.

“I remember looking up at power lines when I was younger and wondering how they worked. I’ve always wanted to be an engineer – I liked science and math, and to figure out how things work,” he says.

After numerous academic and athletic achievements during his high school career at Milnor/North Sargent, Drevlow attended NDSU to pursue a degree in electrical engineering and play nose tackle for the NDSU Bison football team.

His college career included several more honors, including Second Team AP All-American his senior year, and three Division I FCS national titles. Following college graduation he was hired as an electrical engineer at Basin Electric in 2014.

Drevlow drew some valuable lessons from his playing days that he now applys to his career in engineering.

“One thing with football, especially on the defensive side, you learned to just do your job well,” Drevlow says. “You had a responsibility, whether we were blitzing or in a base front (defensive alignment). You didn’t worry about what the person behind you is doing. None of us on the defense cared who made the play, we just cared that the play got made.

“That carries over into the business aspect. In engineering, I focus on my electrical duties and don’t worry about the mechanical and civil work, because I trust them to complete their portion just as they trust me to complete my portion.”

Even though his football career is behind him, honors such as the All-Fargodome team – and the occasional Bison fan – still remind him of his playing days from time to time. Even well outside North Dakota’s borders.

“My grandparents ran into someone in Hawaii who knew me from my playing days,” Drevlow says with a laugh. “They even owned a hat I had signed.”

Teaming up with Wentz

One of Drevlow’s most famous former teammates is Carson Wentz, who is now starting quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League.

A few years younger than Drevlow, Carson was scout team quarterback and then backup quarterback during Drevlow’s time as a Bison.

“When we were scrimmaging against him in practice, we could see he had the makings of something special,” Drevlow says.

Drevlow goes for the tackle

Ryan Drevlow (number 60) chases down a ballcarrier during a game versus Sam Houston State. Photo credit: Houston Chronicle.

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