A day in the life of Project Coordinations Representative Kristie Ching


Kristie Ching, project coordinations representative.

Kristie Ching’s energy and enthusiasm are contagious, and her smile could light up a room. She grew up in rural South Dakota and graduated with a class of 16. Even today she chooses to live in a small town known as Bruce, SD, and commute the 27 miles to Deer Creek Station, where she has worked for six years. All these attributes make her the perfect fit for her current position – one she’s only held for six months, and one that is largely uncharted territory.

Kristie Ching is a project coordinations representative, tasked with rolling out Basin Electric’s EmPOWER Youth Program, a youth leadership program originally developed and exclusively run by Basin Electric member Sioux Valley Energy.

Ching, who was an administrative assistant at Deer Creek at the time, jumped at the opportunity to apply for the position that would ultimately develop Basin Electric’s EmPOWER Youth Program. “It was a great fit for me, because it takes everything I loved about my previous jobs and rolls it together into one,” she says.

While Ching admits that the thought of starting the program was a little scary at first, she is embracing the challenge. “It’s exciting,” she says. “It allows me to think outside the box, and be able to work in the training field again. I didn’t realize how much I missed it until now.” She also says every job she’s ever had, even in high school, has had a leadership component and she is looking forward to sharing what she has learned and passing it on to students as they think about their futures.

It is evident that Ching is passionate about the program and all it can do for those who choose to take part in it. “This job has been a great opportunity for me, and the program will be equally as great for the kids who participate in it. I honestly feel like the sky’s the limit,” she says.

Read the rest of the story, which includes more information about the EmPOWER Youth Program, in the May/June 2017 issue of Basin Today: A day in the life of Project Coordinations Representative Kristie Ching.

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