Basin Electric’s safety culture improving thanks to Our Power, My Safety


Basin Electric employees and Our Power, My Safety Steering Team members (from left) Dan Cieslak, Deer Creek Station; Quinn Messer, Dakota Gasification Company; team lead Gordon Goetz, Leland Olds Station; and Mark Bingham, PrairieWinds 1, listen to the safety perception results report, out April 20 at Headquarters in Bismarck, ND.

One of the best indicators that Basin Electric’s safety culture is improving came straight from the top.

During an all-employee educational series presentation May 12, Basin Electric CEO and General Manager Paul Sukut told how he had recently noticed a potential tripping hazard in his garage – and, after years of ignoring it, removed the hazard.

Safety has always been a part of the discussion at Basin Electric, and the Our Power, My Safety (OPMS) process has lifted the co-op’s safety focus to new heights.

In early 2013, Basin Electric employees completed a safety perception survey to take the pulse of the cooperative’s safety culture, and learn how it could be improved.

Employees took another survey in March 2017 identical to the 2013 survey, and results showed employees are thinking more about safety than ever before, both at work and home.

Read more about the all-employee survey in the May-June 2017 issue of Basin Today: Survey results show improving safety culture at Basin Electric

Watch to learn more about the OPMS process: OPMS employee education: The basics

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