Basin Electric employee-soldier receives military leadership recognition

Nathan Johnson, senior fleet and logistics administrator, with his wife, Christina, after receiving the 1st Lt. Timothy E. Price Leadership Award.

It’s always an honor to receive recognition, but it’s even more special when one’s peers are the selection committee.

That rang true for Nathan Johnson, senior fleet and logistics administrator at Headquarters, and second lieutenant with the North Dakota National Guard.

Johnson recently received the 1st Lt. Timothy E. Price Leadership Award, which is given to an officer after finishing the Military Police Officer Basic Leadership Course. The recipient is selected for demonstrating outstanding leadership qualities and potential for future leadership excellence.

“A couple of things makes this award special. First, I was honored to be voted by my peers for this award,” Johnson says. “And the soldier who presented the award to me had known and served with 1st Lt. Price, whom the award is named after.”

1st Lt. Timothy Price, platoon leader of the 127th Military Police Company, was fatally wounded by a sniper in Baghdad in 2004. The U.S. Army Military Police School renamed the leadership award after 1st Lt. Price, in remembrance of their fallen comrade.

Johnson says this leadership award and the combat spurs given to his platoon by the 3-71 Cavalry Regiment of the 10th Mountain Division out of Fort Drum, NY, in honor of his platoon’s service are the two highest things he holds dear to his heart.

Previously a full-time member of the North Dakota National Guard for 10 years, Johnson swapped his greens for full-time civilian work when he joined Basin Electric in November 2014.

In his part-time National Guard role, he is an executive officer of the 816th Military Police Company.

“We used to only have one military police company in North Dakota. This is the new one,” Johnson says. “I’ll play a big role in standing up this unit, and they’re kind of letting me drive the train with the new company. We have a long road ahead of us.”

Johnson spent four-and-a-half months at Fort Leonard Wood, MO, to attend Military Police Officer Basic Leadership Course and praises Basin Electric and his co-workers for their support while he was away.

“I know it’s not easy for co-workers to take care of work while I’m gone, but I appreciate the support they gave me,” Johnson says.

Johnson also notes the overall support and benefits Basin Electric provides to its deployed employee-soldiers, like supplementing military pay. During his 13 years of military service, Johnson has met many soldiers who haven’t been lucky in regard to their employers supporting them.

“It’s scary. In the back of a soldier’s mind, you want to serve. But you have to have the support of your employer to do that,” Johnson says. “It’s nice to know I’m in a place where my employer supports it, and having the support back here helps me have the opportunities with the North Dakota National Guard.”

Johnson nominated Basin Electric for an award of its own. Basin Electric received the Extraordinary Employer Support Award from the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve in April. Watch the video.


  1. Pam and Bob johnson says:

    Awesome Nathan, were very proud of you! Mom and Dad

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