Dry Fork Station promotes safety from a young age

Rawhide Elementary Safety Poster contest

Shaun Hottell, Dry Fork Station electrical and instrumentation technician, demonstrates the power of electricity by lighting up a pickle.

“We have done this contest since construction and the kids love it,” says Ashley Fraser, Dry Fork Station senior safety coordinator. Fraser is referring to the safety poster contest Dry Fork does at Rawhide Elementary School near Gillette, WY.

Each year, within the last few months of school, employees at Dry Fork Station give safety presentations to the classes at Rawhide Elementary, which is near the plant. “In the past we did all electrical safety, this year each grade had a theme. For instance junior kindergarten had playground safety and sixth grade had DARE,” Fraser says. (See how the contest has evolved through the years: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013)

Students then participate in a contest, which includes creating a poster related to a safety topic.

“I pick the posters up and bring them to the plant and our employees vote for their favorite poster in each grade,” Fraser says. “The safety committee and I do a safety presentation and awards ceremony at the school. We have different stations set up and have a small prize and popsicles for all students.”

Fraser says this year they presented on weather safety and showed a video about thunderstorms and lightning. The stations included a small turbine generator, a Jacob’s Ladder (parallel wires between which an electric spark will climb), a table of electrical PPE (personal protective equipment), a static electricity experiment, and the team showed the kids how to light up a pickle.

“We presented the awards to each grade and their prizes included outdoor activities for the summer. They absolutely love having us come,” she says.

Rawhide Elementary Safety Poster contest

Winners from the junior kindergarten class.

Rawhide Elementary Safety Poster contest

Students had a chance to learn about safety around electricity.

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