Member co-op campaign reminds members when the lights came on

“Christmas Eve, December 1952, I’d have been about 15. They were looking for memberships to start the co-op. … Money was kind of hard to come by, but dad dug up the $15 and paid them. They made him out a certificate of membership and we went from there. Everything improved after that, even your town life. We have a good co-op.”

George Anderson from Midland, SD, is referring to when his family’s farm got electricity. In today’s world, availability to electricity is expected. People don’t think much about it until they don’t have it.

Capturing and sharing George’s story and the stories of so many others, is the first phase in a new ad campaign Basin Electric Class A member Rushmore Electric Power Cooperative in South Dakota is developing.

The campaign is called Power to the People and it’s meant to roll out to Rushmore Electric’s members over the course of three to four years.

In developing the campaign, Rushmore was aiming to not only tell the rich history of cooperatives, but address that the world is changing, and so is the co-op. The additional phases of the campaign delve into the work co-ops have done for their members and communities and how they are working toward the future.

Read more about the ad campaign in the March-April issue of Basin Today. The story is called Electricity and cooperatives.

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