Hearts, hope, and hair make Brave the Shave 2017 special


Peyton Blowers (right) feels the head of her sister, McKenzie, after she shaved during the main event March 10. The girls’ brother, Britton, also shaved his head, and together they donated more than 26 inches of hair, which will be made into wigs for kids with medically-related hair loss.

Each participant had his or her own reason for shaving or cutting their hair.

There was a teenage sister who lopped off her lovely long locks to support her brother who was recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.

A mom who did it so her head would match her daughter’s after she underwent brain surgery the following week.

A mother honoring the memory of her forever 5-year-old little boy who became an angel due to cancer.

And hundreds more who just did it because they wanted more than anything to ease the struggle of families who have a child with cancer. While the reasons are all a little different, they all share a common theme: they’re doing it for the kids. Watch the video.


Five-year-old honoree Mason Bethke decided to brave the shave during the Guns ‘n Hoses event March 7.

Read the rest of the story from the March-April 2017 issue of Basin Today, Hearts, hope, and hair, which includes the total number of shavees and the amount raised during the 2017 Brave the Shave campaign.You can also learn more about Brave the Shave on its website, its blog, on Facebook,  or follow Brave the Shave on YouTubeTwitter, or Instagram.


Jamey Backus, plant manager at Leland Olds Station, shaves his head during the Mercer County event, held March 9 at Dakota Gasification Company.

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