Basin Electric intern shines in school and at work


Jade Neumann has been an intern on Basin Electric’s graphic design team for a year-and-a-half.

Malcom X once said, “The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.” Basin Electric takes this approach with the future workforce, and sees its internship program as a positive opportunity for both the cooperative and the approximately 70 college students it employs as interns. This is especially true in the case of graphic design intern Jade Neumann.

“Jade is a rock star,” says Nicole Perreault, Basin Electric’s supervisor of graphics. “We’ve been so impressed with her work and her work ethic. She is talented, creative, and a real go-getter. The time and energy she puts into her projects is evident in all the great things she produces. We’re very lucky to have her on our team.”

While extremely modest, Neumann has many reasons to be proud of all her accomplishments. She recently won two Addy Awards, which are given by the American Advertising Federation-North Dakota. These awards honor excellence in advertising and cultivate the highest creative standards, and are “a really big deal for graphic designers,” according to Perreault.


Neumann won two silver Addy Awards this year.

Neumann also won 17 ribbons at Bismarck (ND) State College’s annual art fair and was named the college’s graphic design and communication program’s Outstanding Student of the Year. Perreault says while these are big accomplishments, she is not surprised, because Neumann is “extremely talented.”


Neumann won 17 ribbons at Bismarck State College’s annual art fair.

Neumann has equally positive comments about the cooperative and its employees. She says when she heard about the internship opportunity through a classmate who also interned at Basin Electric, she was excited to apply. “I had heard so many good things – especially how dedicated it is to its employees and members. You always hear about the good and the bad things in a workplace but I honestly never heard anything bad about Basin.”

Neumann says the experience she has gained from her year-and-a-half-long internship is something she never would have gotten in a classroom setting. She says the collaboration with members, vendors, and other employees was extremely valuable, and the knowledge about the cooperative business model is something she values. “The projects I have had the opportunity to work on and the feedback and tips my coworkers have offered me have really helped me improve and grow as a designer,” she says. “I am super, super grateful for the opportunity to work for Basin Electric.”


Not only is Neumann dedicated to work and school, she is also very community minded. In March, she shaved her head during Brave the Shave’s flagship event, raising more than $1,400 for kids with cancer.

Neumann will graduate with an associate degree in graphic design and communications the second week in May, but will jump right back in with summer school a week-and-a-half later to continue her education, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in marketing through Minot (ND) State University’s online program. “I know that many businesses prefer to hire employees that have that four-year degree, and I didn’t want anything to hold me back,” she says. “I chose marketing because it will complement my graphic design degree and hopefully open even more doors for me.”

Neumann says she encourages other college students to apply for internships, whether it’s at Basin Electric or beyond. “Take as many as possible. The people you meet, the projects you work on, and the experiences you will get can’t be replaced. You won’t regret it.”


Neumann created this animated graphic for Basin Electric to use on social media on Earth Day.

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