Basin Electric director talks leadership


Troy Presser gets his head shaved at the 2017 Brave the Shave flagship event in Bismarck, ND.


Troy Presser and his puppy, Snickers, at his farm north of Mercer, ND.

Both inside and outside the board room, Basin Electric Director Troy Presser, District 3, Central Power Electric Cooperative, Minot, ND, subscribes to servant-leadership and providing the best possible representation for members at the end of the line.

Cases in point…

  • On getting to know those he works beside:
    • “I usually stay down during Basin Electric board meetings. For one, I like to socialize with the other board members, and as the newest director, I think it’s important that I get a feel for the people I’m working with.”
  • On his idea for replacing a few director parking spaces with mother-to-be parking spaces in front of Headquarters:
    • “If you’re going to have a parking spot up front it should be for someone who can use it. You can save them half the steps across the parking lot and from slipping – and I’m not saying someone else can’t slip – but they’re carrying our future, so if they can be in the front row so be it.”
  • On his raising several thousand dollars and shaving his head twice as part of the Brave the Shave fundraising campaign to fight childhood cancers:
    • “Annette and I decided that having dealt with the loss of one of our children, we’d do anything we could do to prevent someone else from going through that. So if there’s one family that doesn’t have to go through what we went through, it was worth every penny.”
  • On serving as a voice for his members:
    • “I’m not afraid to speak my opinion. You can be timid and shy, but if it’s something dealing with your membership, you need to have the ability to step forward and speak because you’re speaking for more than yourself. If I was going to give a board member advice, I’d tell them don’t be afraid to speak for your membership. You’re there for your opinion and you should probably state it.”

Read more about Presser in the March-April 2017 issue of Basin Today: A day in the life of Director Troy Presser

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