Beulah Rural Fire Department benefits from Basin Electric surplus asset donation


The Beulah Rural Fire Department received these auto extraction tools from Basin Electric’s Charitable Giving Program. The tools were previously used by Dakota Gas and Antelope Valley Station’s on-site fire and ambulance crew. 

The Beulah Rural Fire Department is the proud new owner of several well-cared-for auto extraction tools, courtesy of Basin Electric and Dakota Gasification Company.

Dakota Gas has its own on-site fire and ambulance crew, which serves the Great Plains Synfuels Plant and Antelope Valley Station. The crew’s equipment undergoes regular inspections to ensure its quality, and when it no longer meets the facilities’ needs, it is cycled out of use and either sold through Basin Electric’s Surplus Marketplace or donated through its Charitable Giving Program.

When Dakota Gas’ auto extraction equipment, including a cutter, spreader, hydraulic power unit, and hand pump (used in the event the gas engine quits), was recently cycled out of use, Mick Dettmann, protective services specialist II at Dakota Gas and a volunteer firefighter with the Beulah Rural Fire Department, knew these tools would be a great addition to the small volunteer fire department, so on behalf of the fire department, he applied for and received these items.

Dettmann says auto extraction equipment is expensive, costing between $20,000-$25,000 new, which is why Mercer County only has one fire department in the area (Hazen Fire and Rescue) that has it. Even used equipment in good condition is worth between $4,500-$5,500, which is still a lot for a small volunteer rural fire department. “The donation of these tools will help us assist Hazen Fire and Rescue bring quicker response times in the event it needs assistance,” Dettmann says.

Dettmann says the donated equipment is in excellent condition, and he knows it was well taken care of. “Knowing its use and history makes it even more valuable,” he says.

Currently, 12 of Beulah’s 27 firefighters are certified in auto extraction techniques, having trained with Hazen’s fire department for more than five years to provide help if needed. Now that it has its own equipment, Dettmann says it’ll get as many certified as are willing, but it won’t be a requirement, because they are all volunteers.

“We are so appreciative to Dakota Gas and Basin Electric for this generous donation,” Dettmann says. “There is no way the fire department could have purchased these tools without Basin Electric’s help. Mercer County is a big area, and this donation will allow us to move forward in helping provide a valuable service in a timely manner to the people in our area when they need it the most.”

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