Capital Electric linemen growing mustaches for a special cause


Capital Electric Cooperative lineworkers Matt Hagen (left) and Jeremy Ensign are growing mustaches as part of a fundraiser for Operation Smile.

Cookie Duster. Crumb Catcher. Mouth Brow. Lip Caterpillar.

The mustache goes by many names – and in March, it is serving a very important purpose for two Capital Electric Cooperative lineworkers. Capital Electric is a Basin Electric Class C member.

Jeremy Ensign and Matt Hagen are growing out their mustaches to raise money for Operation Smile, a global medical nonprofit organization that provides free surgeries for children around the world born with cleft lip, cleft palate, and other facial deformities.

The two men devised the fundraiser in 2016 after coming up with the idea to grow out their mustaches.

“We wanted to do something goofy for March so we thought we might as well do it for a good cause,” Ensign says.

That cause carries personal meaning for Ensign; his nephew was born with a cleft lip and palate. It’s also in accordance with Cooperative Principle #7, Concern for Community. Ensign hopes fundraisers such as this benefit children like his nephew both locally and afar.

“I think concern for community is a big thing, and not just our own. I think that if we can positively impact any community, we should,” he says.

To support their efforts, visit Ensign’s fundraising page on, or if so inclined, grow your own a Crumb Catcher and take part in the fundraising fun.

“If you can grow it, show it,” Ensign says.

As for how his mustache is growing in – Ensign says he likely won’t be mistaken on the street for a young Tom Selleck anytime soon. The potential, however, remains. “It is the only piece of facial hair that does fill in,” he says.


  1. Carmen Devney says:

    I’ve taken photos of these two guys in the field for many years, and know they are hard workers who are detail-oriented and safety-minded; always working to provide reliable electric service to the members and being their brother’s keeper. Two linemen raising and donating money to an organization that provides such an important service to children in need … melts my heart. Way to go, guys. And great member feature, Basin Electric.

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