Basin Electric employee helps spread the message of heart health


Rick Mitzel, third from right, and his wife, Teri, helped out at Beulah Elementary School’s American Heart Health Month festivities.

Rick Mitzel, operations superintendent at Basin Electric’s Antelope Valley Station, has been donating blood for as long as he can remember.

It’s that philosophy of promoting health that he and his wife, Teri, shared with elementary students at their Jump Rope for Heart and Hula Hoop for Heart events Jan. 27 in Beulah, ND.

As volunteers at the event, Rick and Teri watched kids jump rope, hula hoop, and just stay active to commemorate the arrival of February, which is American Heart Month.

“I had a couple kids go through that program over the years, so we thought it’d be good to go help out,” Mitzel says.

Rick applies his healthy living philosophy to his own life, too, as he and Teri try to walk 3-5 miles every day.

“Teri and I believe in doing a lot of walking and exercise,” Mitzel says. “We kind of feed off each other and motivate each other.”

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