New cooperative finalizes purchase of building, moves closer to opening Hazen child care center


The former New Bethel congregational church in Hazen will be home to a child care center.

Energy Capital Cooperative Child Care is the proud owner of a building, closing on the purchase of the New Bethel Congregational Church in Hazen in late December. The church will be home to a new daycare center, set to open in March.

Erin Huntimer, project coordinations representative for Basin Electric says the church, which held its last service this past fall, is a perfect location for the new day care center. “The members of the church wanted to leave a lasting legacy in the community,” she says. “The church placed great value in ministering to youth and families, so knowing the building will still be filled with kids and life made this purchase a win-win situation for everyone involved.” The child care facility will be known as the New Bethel Center.

It is going to take a little work to change the building from a church to a daycare center, but volunteers are stepping up to make it happen. A work day was held on Jan. 28, and 12 people helped complete several projects.

One of the biggest projects done during the work day was sorting and putting together an inventory of everything in the building so they know what to keep and what to get rid of. The daycare is hoping to do a rummage sale soon to sell the items it doesn’t need. A donation drive will be held around the same time in hopes of acquiring items such as high chairs and pack and plays.

A second work day has been scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 18, to complete additional repair and renovation projects. The board of directors is in the process of hiring a program director, and a rate structure has also been developed.

The projected opening date for the daycare center is Mar. 27, although that could change pending hiring and licensing progress.

For more information on the child care center, contact Huntimer at 701.557.5625 or


A work day was recently held and several renovation projects were completed.


During the work day, volunteers sorted and inventoried everything in the building. A rummage sale will be held at a later date to get rid of the things the daycare cannot use.

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