A day in the life of audio/visual supervisor Greg Wheeler

Greg Wheeler, audio/visual supervisor.

Greg Wheeler, audio/visual supervisor.

Basin Electric staff has a simple goal during events – make it look easy.

“If it looks easy, then we’re doing our job,” says Greg Wheeler, Basin Electric supervisor of audio/visual. “If it looks difficult, they’re thinking, ‘wow, this must really be hard.’ But if everything goes well, they’re listening to the speakers and absorbing the information, and that’s what we want.”

Wheeler and the communications crew are in charge of running everything technical: the screens on the stage, with content developed by writers and media support; the large screens on stage where the presenters, PowerPoints, and videos can be seen; not to mention the stage, lighting and wiring.

Wheeler inspects everything, including each light to make sure it hasn’t burnt out or gotten dim. The crew runs down the list of each presentation, checking to see that all the PowerPoints and videos are ready to play on demand. The projectors on stage are flipped on and tested; audio is checked.

Read the rest of the story, focused on work at the 2016 Annual Meeting, in the Nov/Dec 2016 issue of Basin Today: A day in the life of audio/visual supervisor Greg Wheeler

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