Brave the Shave debuts new blog, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube


Brave the Shave is treading in exciting territory. The scope of the charge to fight childhood cancer is expanding, and so are the communications efforts.

New this year, Brave the Shave has its own blog, Twitter account, Instagram profile, and YouTube channel. The Brave the Shave Facebook page is still active as ever. Please follow them if you’re part of the team raising money to help families dealing with childhood cancer, through the Brave the Shave Family Fund, and advancing childhood cancer research, through the Andrew McDonough Be Positive (B+) Foundation.

The Brave the Shave campaign is in it’s 10th year in the upper Midwest and beyond. It’s the region’s largest childhood cancer fundraiser on a mission to conquer pediatric cancer. Since 2008, Brave the Shave has raised more than $2.2 million for childhood cancer and nearly 2,200 people have shaved their heads in support of kids with cancer.

The Family Fund, started last year, supports more than 60 families in the region by helping provide for needs such as air filters for their homes, gas cards to get to appointments hundreds of miles away, relief from the ever-growing mountain of bills and many other unexpected expenses that go along with this challenging diagnosis. And, B+ helps provide world-class, cutting-edge pediatric cancer research to help find a cure for these cancers.

We hope you join us in any way you can – either by shaving your head, volunteering, or by donating money to those in the thick of it.

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