Basin Electric lineman appreciates life’s little things after deployment to Middle East


During his deployment to the Middle East, Basin Electric journeyman lineman Brad Bierema wore his co-op hardhat when the job required that particular safety gear.


Brad Bierema, Basin Electric journeyman-lineman in Groton, SD, recently returned from an 11-month deployment to the Middle East.

As a 13-year member of the Army National Guard, Bierema was stationed in areas located in Kuwait, Iraq and Jordan, where his unit supported and maintained the infrastructure of the Army’s theater.

This was Bierema’ s first time being deployed while working at Basin Electric, and he said the support from the co-op and his co-workers helped make it easier for him to be away from home.

Paul Kaiser, assistant line superintendent, said Basin Electric provided an iPad to Bierema for his deployment so he could keep in touch with his family via Facetime and his coworkers via email.

“Basin Electric does a very good job of taking care of its employees, and I appreciate everything Basin Electric and my superiors have done for me,” Bierema said.

When reflecting on his deployment, Bierema noted it’s the small things in life that make a difference. “Small things we take for granted like running water, indoor bathrooms, and Internet access to talk to loved ones on a daily basis,” Bierema said.

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