Employees share personal takes on Our Power, My Safety process

opms-logo-250px-wideMuch like the United States government, Basin Electric’s Our Power, My Safety (OPMS) process is of the people, by the people, for the people.

Employees actively engaged in the continuous improvement process are currently working on the fourth OPMS initiative, which is an effort to consistently measure and report leading safety indicators across all of the cooperative’s facilities.

Here are snippets from two of those engaged employees about the importance of the OPMS process:

Dustine Simmons, Warehouseperson at Leland Olds Station

“I heard this in a Rapid Improvement Workshop, and it rings true no matter where you work: ‘If you want to know what’s wrong in your organization, ask your employees.’ Getting our ‘boots on the ground’ employees involved in making a positive impact on our safety culture is genius.”

Kip Pontarolo, shift supervisor at­ Laramie River Station

“There are so many new employees that are being promoted to new positions at such a fast rate, OPMS helps open their eyes to all of the hazards that surround them on a daily basis no matter what position they are currently holding.”

Read more about the process and what other engaged employees have to say in the November-December 2016 Basin Today: Our Power, My Safety process gets personal

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