Montana Limestone trains featured in Trains Magazine

Two of the world’s last six SD50Fs live in Warren, MT.

Two of the world’s last six SD50Fs live in Warren, MT.

Two Canadian trains that found a home at Dakota Coal Company subsidiary, Montana Limestone Company (MLC) in Warren, MT, have been featured in a special edition of Trains Magazine.

The story titled, Captive cowls, shares how two of an original fleet of 60 cowl-bodied former Canadian National SD50Fs wound up in a small southwest Montana town. The needs of Montana Limestone’s operations dictated the need “to purchase heavy-duty, high-horsepower, six-axle locomotives when loading and prepping the unit trains. The former Canadian National SD50Fs fit the bill,” according to the story.

“In 2009, Dakota, Missouri Valley & Western, which also provides rail service to Basin Electric facilities, acquired eight CN SD50Fs, and inspected, rehabilitated, and painted two for MLC. That pair and four DMV&W units are the sole operating survivors of CN’s original fleet of 60 SD50Fs. Montana Limestone’s are the only ones employed exclusively for switching.”

Read more of the story: Captive cowls.


  1. Daryl Hill says:

    There’s a video somewhere of me starting one of those engines. What a fantastic experience–even if it only lasted a couple minutes!

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