Electric grid interconnected like a spiderweb

Most people don’t know life without electricity. It’s a critical necessity, so all the work to maintain it is necessary.

Getting electricity into homes and businesses is dependent on a solid, reliable transmission infrastructure – the transmission lines that crisscross the countryside over highways, businesses and neighborhoods carrying hundreds of thousands of volts of electricity. From physical and cyber perspectives, transmission grid reliability is vital to maintaining the safety and security of all.

Basin Electric, like all utilities with transmission infrastructure, invests a lot of time, energy and money working to maintain system security and reliability. It’s not just the cooperative’s system and members Basin Electric staff are concerned with, it’s the entire network.

According to David Rudolph, Basin Electric manager of transmission compliance, the whole system is interconnected like a spiderweb. “When you have an outage on one particular line on the bulk power system, you don’t necessarily interrupt customers’ electricity. But, if you have enough of those, if you pull enough branches of the spiderweb away, the web collapses,” he says.

Read more about how Basin Electric helps maintain electric reliability across the nation in the September-October issue of Basin Today: In matters of grid reliability, Basin Electric carries its load.

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