Basin Electric Annual Meeting preconference polling turns presentation into conversation


An audience member takes part in the polling on their smartphone.

Most traditional Annual Meeting presentations are a one-way flow of information. Some crowd participation brought an interactive feel to an Annual Meeting preconference session addressing a carbon-constrained future Nov. 9.

Audience members were asked to take part in live polling using their smartphones. Mike Eggl, Basin Electric senior vice president of Communications & Administration asked the audience two questions:

What do you think is the greatest threat to low-cost electricity?

a. Regulations
b. Technology
c. Global economy
d. Public perception of fuel sources

What do you think will be the future of electricity generation?

a. Carbon capture on coal generation facilities
b. Renewable generation accompanied by gas peaking
c. Distributed generation/self-generation
d. Resurgence of nuclear

Check out the poll results below.



The preconference touched on all aspects of a carbon-constrained future – the litigation of the Clean Power Plan, legislative possibilities under a new president, technological innovations for the future, state plans for compliance, the ins and outs of tracking and trading carbon credits, and carbon compliance from a national perspective.

Read about it in detail on the Annual Meeting page: Finding a path through a carbon-constrained future

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