Basin Electric employees wear same clothes all week to make a point

MSU United Way Little Black Dress campaign

Employees wearing a little black dress to raise money and awareness of poverty: Annie Lindseth, LaDonna Carpenter, Ann Schreiber, Tracie Bettenhausen, Andrea Blowers, Jennifer Krogstad.

Six Basin Electric employees are each wearing the same black dress all week as part of the Missouri Slope Areawide United Way‘s Little Black Dress campaign.

During the week of September 19-22, Women United and friends are leading a poverty awareness campaign with more than two hundred women each wearing a black dress or outfit. The funds raised support United Way’s Education Initiative helping women and children to overcome the barriers of poverty so they are successful in school and in life. The participants donate their business outfits to the Abused Adult Resource Center‘s Career Closet.

This is the third year of the campaign, and the goal is to raise $65,000. The last two years, United Way’s Women United has raised almost $98,000 through the campaign.

Little Black Dress

Below are the employees raising money, with links to their campaign pages:

Andrea Blowers, supervisor of communications
Ann Schreiber, senior integration administrator
Annie Lindseth, charitable and employment coordinator
Jennifer Krogstad, director of records management
LaDonna Carpenter, Exchange/Sharepoint administrator I
Tracie Bettenhausen, senior staff writer/editor

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