Basin Electric member cooperative kicks off community solar project

crow power community solarCrow Wing Power & Light, a Basin Electric Class A member headquartered in Brainerd, MN, is giving their member-owners the opportunity to invest in a community solar project.

The solar array will be built on Crow Wing Power property, visible from the highway on the west side of the headquarters building. The array will start with 120 panels.

The anticipated output of the solar array is 400-440 kilowatt-hours per share. As a point of reference, an average household uses 10,080 kilowatt-hours per year of electricity.

Rick Pederson, Crow Wing Power key accounts representative/energy management consultant, says the cooperative will being building once 80 shares (of 100 total) are sold. “Investing in the community solar array gives members who want to be involved the opportunity to reap the benefits of solar renewable energy without having to put panels on their own property. Only members that wish to be a part of the project will financially support it,” he says. “This way, members who do not wish to participate will not need to pay the added cost of the solar array.”

The project was launched this month; so far, there is interest in nearly 30 shares. Pederson says the cooperative did a survey to gauge interest and they’re confident all shares will be spoken for.

Find more details on the Community Solar Project at Crow Wing Power’s website.

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