Be the light: Get wound up about it

A new ad campaign is being developed by Basin Electric with the line “Be the light.” The ads show how Basin Electric and its member cooperatives can be the light in communities and homes like only a cooperative can.

You may have seen the story in the March/April 2016 Basin Today Magazine, Be the Light: How Basin Electric employees shine in their work. In addition, we’re starting a blog feature here, by the same name.

Joe Leingang Be the light

Joe Leingang is known for his gift of gab and ability to turn a presentation for the Basin Electric board into an artful blend of information and entertainment.

Because of that, we introduce Leingang through the most effective means possible: a lightly edited soliloquy he gave when asked to explain why he is proud to work for Basin Electric.

“I worked here early in my career and then left for several years, to work in Arizona. … But I was always looking back at Basin Electric with great affection.

“There are many avenues where Basin shows itself to be excellent. From public affairs to communications to transmission, there isn’t anybody who can touch us.

“Pick the topic. Operating power plants – that’s one thing that really made me proud when I worked here early in my career. We were darn good operators, and we still are. Our forced outage rates, our safety rates, you name the number, heat rates. We’re good at it. In my position, the work we do to make sure the products that are needed – coal, lime and limestone – that work is essential and we get it done. And then joining Southwest Power Pool. That was such a massive and complicated undertaking, but we did it with aplomb.

“It seems to me, Basin, in its DNA, we are intentional about being excellent at everything we do, even if it’s as small as a garden or a daycare. (slaps his knee) I just get wound up about it.”

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