Be the light: Find new ways to work together at Basin Electric

There are people among us who just shine a bit brighter. Whether they make the workday more bearable through their positive presence, find new ways to get work done, or bring new understanding through the gift of empathy, they deserve recognition.

A new ad campaign is being developed by Basin Electric with the line “Be the light.” The ads will show how Basin Electric and its member cooperatives can be the light in communities and homes like only a cooperative can.

You may have seen the story in the latest Basin Today Magazine, Be the Light: How Basin Electric employees shine in their work. In addition, we’re starting a blog feature here, by the same name.

We hope you enjoy getting to know our people in a more personal way. We’ll begin the series with Effie Carr.

-Editor’s note

Effie Carr

When Effie Carr, Basin Electric senior administrative assistant, used to conduct new employee orientation sessions at Antelope Valley Station, she made sure she told every group one thing. “I said, ‘These are the best days of my life, not necessarily in this order: marrying my husband Mark; having my two kids; seeing Elvis Presley perform live, and getting hired at Basin Electric,’” she says, counting them off on her fingers.

Carr is funny, and shows up like a ray of sunshine and a breath of fresh air rolled into one. She started her career at Basin Electric working in the construction office at Antelope Valley Station. Thirty years later, she moved to Headquarters when John Jacobs was named vice president of Operations.

“Change doesn’t bother me so much. In fact, I like it. I like to be realistic too, though. I think change should make sense,” she says. “For example, the new workspaces. I think they are great. I like the open concept and more efficient use of space – it is the way the office world is moving.”

She thinks her more mellow attitude comes from experience. “With time, I just have a perspective where I try to think about what’s important. Many things are not worth fussing over,” she says.

Carr says she’s task-oriented, constantly setting goals and accomplishing them in an orderly fashion. In her work, getting things done means others can do their jobs more efficiently.

“Everything you do, you should do it well. And I think it’s important to be willing to take on any task,” she says. “Service for others makes you feel good. If you want to help children build self-esteem, don’t just tell them, ‘You’re great.’ Teach them to do things for others. I think it’s the same for all of us.”

Her hope for Basin Electric is that employees keep finding new ways to work together. “We tend to compartmentalize and I think the more we can work with people outside our groups, the better. I consider myself so fortunate that I worked at the Antelope Valley Station and at Headquarters. It helps to see things from different perspectives,” she says.

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