Allam Cycle showing potential in a carbon-constrained world

Regardless of the court’s final decision on the legality of the Clean Power Plan, Basin Electric knows it needs some additional tools in its toolbelt in the effort to continue thriving in a carbon-constrained world.

Enter: the Allam Cycle.

Allam Cycle

Screen grab from Lignite Energy Council video explaining the Allam Cycle.

The vision for the Allam Cycle consists of gasifying lignite coal to produce synthetic natural gas, which would then be used along with oxygen and carbon dioxide (CO2) to drive a turbine generator. The technology looks to provide benefit to both Basin Electric and Dakota Gasification Company, a subsidiary of Basin Electric.

A first-of-its-kind plant using natural gas will start up in Texas in 2017, along with a more in-depth study using lignite to make synthetic natural gas in North Dakota. Basin Electric will monitor the technology development and plans to take part in the North Dakota study.

Watch a video developed by the Lignite Energy Council outlining the carbon-capture potential from lignite-based power plants: The Allam Cycle and its potential benefits for North Dakota

Read more about the Allam Cycle in the March-April issue of Basin Today: Allam Cycle showing potential in a carbon-constrained world

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