Beautiful and Bald: More than $363,000 raised in 2016 Brave the Shave campaign (Video)

It’s easier to take a leap of faith with a friend by your side.

How about almost 500 friends? That’s how many individuals took part in the 2016 Brave the Shave campaign, the region’s largest fundraiser on a mission to help kids live healthy lives. By shaving their heads or cutting hair, participants and donors raised more than $363,000 in 2016. Watch the video.


Taner Ohlsen laughs as his son, Dash, a Brave the Shave honoree, shaves his head during the flagship event in Bismarck, ND, March 11 at the Missouri Valley Family YMCA.


Highland Acres students brave the shave during their event at Highland Acres Elementary School in Bismarck March 18.

Since 2008, more than 2,000 volunteers have raised over $2.2 million through Brave the Shave.


Caity Davies (left) and Victoria Brocker share triumphant smiles after braving the shave during the Guns n’ Hoses event.

There are many memorable images from the year’s Brave the Shave events: the bright smile of a 9-year-old girl who posed for pictures with friends and family after donating her hair and shaving bald; the streaks of green clothing zipping across a gymnasium for the Get Your Green On! Zumbathon; and the joyful tears of two women who triumphantly held hands as locks of their hair fell to the floor during the Guns n’ Hoses event.


Honoree Mason Bethke shares a smile while ringing a cowbell on the ice as players shave their heads during the Bismarck Bobcats event.

There are perhaps too many beautiful moments to mention. Each one mirrors the incredible kindness communities showed toward Brave the Shave honorees and their families in 2016.

Find more information about the 2016 Brave the Shave campaign at


Tim Long, a Bismarck Motor Company employee, (right) chuckles as he holds hands with a buddy during the Kupper event held at Bismarck Motor Company March 9.

Main Event

Grace Lang, a third grader at Liberty Elementary in Bismarck, ND, shaved at the flagship event March 11.


Cody Thiel, maintenance field technician at Dakota Gasification Company, (right) and his 3-year-old son, Crosby, shaved together during the Mercer County event March 17 at Leland Olds Station.


Basin Electric’s Nicole Perreault helps lead the Get Your Green On! Zumbathon for the 2016 Brave the Shave campaign. The Zumbathon was held March 6 at the Missouri Valley Family YMCA.


Brookings Blizzard hockey player Tim Faulkner smiles while shaving his head at the Brookings, SD, event March 14.


  1. Glynda says:

    So well done Basin Electric!! I’m moved to tears every time I watch these stories and the impact we have made in our community. So proud to work for BEPC!

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