Co-op plan helping to build a better Basin

A mission, strategic initiatives and a plan – a Cooperative Plan.

Basin Electric has all three in place. In fact, at his employee communication sessions in January, Basin Electric CEO and General Manager Paul Sukut opened his presentation with sharing updates to the cooperative’s 10-year outlook by outlining the 2016 Cooperative Plan.

“We’re positioning Basin Electric to our strengths,” Sukut says. “On all fronts, we’ve highlighted areas we need to address with regard to risks and opportunities; and we’ve clearly defined our values, objectives and key initiatives.”

Co-op-Plan-logo-700w-2015The plan’s purpose is to be a tool for staff to have a concise understanding of the cooperative’s values and the direction Basin Electric is heading. “Every employee plays an important role, not just in the day to day tasks, but in the larger scope of what we’re in business for,” Sukut says. “That is to provide the best possible service for our members. So, I encourage all employees to read through the plan and get to know it.”

Read more about the 2016 Cooperative Plan and its purpose in the January-February issue of Basin Today.

The story, A co-op with a plan, outlines the risks, opportunities, values and objectives and key initiatives.

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