#ThankALineman today for National Lineman Appreciation Day

Linemen are silent heroes, working behind the scenes on a daily basis, sometimes in extreme weather conditions and sometimes at odd hours of the day – all in the name of keeping your power on. So it’s only fitting that their hard work and dedication to keep the power flowing is recognized.

The National Rural Electric Cooperative Association has designated today as Lineman Appreciation Day, a wonderful way to #ThankALineman!

Everyday linemen strap on 45 pounds of bulky, clanky gear; climb a wood or steel structure up to 300 feet tall; and then work the rest of the day perched high above the ground. All while working on an energized power line.

The tools Basin Electric‘s 27 linemen use working for a generation and transmission co-op are larger and heavier than those used by distribution co-ops. So the weight and torque of using tools like their grips, six-ton hoists and a 7-foot-long hot stick, combined with years of climbing poles and structures, eventually takes a toll on the body.

Basin Electric’s linemen work on both wood and steel structures, ranging from 115 kilo-volt (kV) lines to 345-kV lines. Each structure requires appropriate gear. Watch for March-April issue of Basin Today, which will capture a day in the life of Basin Electric’s linemen. For now, here’s a sneak peek.

Linemen Diagram

Basin Electric’s linemen work on both wood and steel structures. Learn about the different climbing gear for each structure.

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