Annie’s House: North Central Electric Cooperative helps community with adaptive ski facility


Ann Nicole Nelson, the only North Dakota native to perish in the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, loved the outdoor activities at Bottineau Winter Park. Thanks to Annie’s House, many people can enjoy the outdoors in a similar way.

A dream is a curious thing.

It’s born and it grows, it travels and it inspires. It can be found in the most unexpected place – and create the most unanticipated beauty.

That beauty is something people experience every time they visit Annie’s House in Bottineau, ND. It’s an adaptive ski facility at Bottineau Winter Park that allows individuals with special needs and veterans with disabilities to enjoy outdoor recreation.

Electric cooperatives, countless volunteers and the New York Says Thank You Foundation helped make the project possible.

Upon visiting Annie’s House, a fleet of electric snow-track wheelchairs can be seen throughout the 12,000-square-foot facility. One might brush shoulders with the friendly volunteer instructing staff, or share a smile and high-five with a Special Olympics North Dakota champion.

But perhaps the building’s most notable feature is the written-out bucket list of Ann Nicole Nelson, the only North Dakota native to pass away in the 9/11 terror attacks on the World Trade Center. Nelson worked on the 104th floor as a bond broker for Cantor Fitzgerald, a capital market investment bank.


The dreams of Ann Nicole Nelson line the rafters of Annie’s House.

Thirty-six bullet points, some involving Nelson’s love for skiing, line the rafters. No. 37 is left blank, representing a dream she was never able to write down.

“Volunteer for a charity.” “Spend more time with family.” “Learn about other cultures.”

The list is inspiring, to say the least. But No. 7 is special: “Buy a home in North Dakota.”

Thus, the idea for Annie’s House – the home she was never able to see – was born.

Read the full story, Annie’s House: North Central helps community with adaptive ski facility, in the January-February 2016 issue of Basin Today.


Ann Nicole Nelson always dreamed of building a home in North Dakota. Annie’s House is the home she never saw.

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