A better path to carbon reduction (Video)

Clean-Power-Plan-US-map-710w-2015The U.S. Supreme Court’s Stay of the Environmental Protection Agency’s 111(d) Clean Power Plan in February 2016 was welcome news to everyone interested in protecting the environment while also keeping power reliable and affordable for America’s Heartland.

Basin Electric’s leadership and member cooperatives think there are better ways to go about carbon reduction than hastily-implemented regulations. In fact, the cooperative and its membership have been investing in renewable energy, emissions control technology, exploring new technologies an end-of-the-line efficiencies for the better part of the last half-century.

Read more about all the ways Basin Electric and its membership are doing that make sense as more measured and logical alternatives to the Clean Power Plan in the January-February 2016 issue of Basin TodayA better path to carbon reduction

Watch this video to hear two of Basin Electric’s leaders talk about the possible ramifications of the Clean Power Plan as it’s written: EPA 111(d): Basin Electric CEO Paul Sukut and Sr. Vice President of Communications and Administration Mike Eggl

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