More than $8,500 raised for Brave the Shave during Brookings event


The son of Jason Prout, who braved the shave in Brookings, SD, March 14, decided to follow in his dad’s footsteps.

A lot of hair was lost in Brookings, SD, on March 14. As a result, $8,550 was raised in the fight against childhood cancer.

Thirty people shaved or cut their hair at the Brookings Fire Department, as part of the 9th annual Brave the Shave campaign.


Chase Gamelin, a Brave the Shave participant, smiles as his hair falls to the floor in the name of fighting childhood cancer.

Brave the Shave is an annual multi-state charitable campaign that raises money for pediatric cancer with the sole mission to help kids, their families and support the full spectrum of their cancer journey.

Employees from Basin Electric’s Deer Creek Station helped make the event successful. Community participants, such as 12 players from the Brookings Blizzard hockey team and a local radio disc jockey, also made an impact.

To donate or learn more, visit


Athletes from the Brookings Blizzard hockey team watch as Brave the Shave participants lose their hair.


A young girl, daughter of Nathan Vandersnick, firefighter for the Brookings Fire Department, took part in the kid-friendly activities during the 2016 Brave the Shave event in Brookings, SD.

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