NISC employee has special guest shaver at Brave the Shave

Michelle Aaron family

Michelle Aaron with her sons (from left): Landon, Caleb, Camdon, Tyler and Kayden.

Each Brave the Shave event is a celebration, for many different reasons.

It’s a celebration of children who have fought and beaten cancer. It’s a celebration to showcase the community’s love and support for those children who are currently fighting cancer. And it’s a celebration of the lives of the brave children who have died fighting cancer.

For Michelle Aaron, Bismarck, ND, this year’s Brave the Shave flagship event on March 11 in Bismarck was all of the above.

Aaron’s son, Landon, died from cancer in June 2015.

In honor of Landon, Brent Wetzel, an NISC employee and member of NISC’s “Team Jadyn” (honoring Jadyn, another honoree), asked Aaron if she would shave his head at the March 11 event in memory of Landon. It’s the eighth year Wetzel has braved the shave to fight children’s cancer.

Aaron says Wetzel’s request was an honor and a privilege. “It meant a lot to me,” she says.

Watch this video to hear more and see Wetzel’s head shaved at the event: NISC employee has special guest shaver at Brave the Shave

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