Dakota Gas Brave the Shave team sells sweets before shaving

The Dakota Gas Brave the Shave team, known for years as The Good, The Bald and The Ugly, have found a tried and true method for raising more money to support children with cancer.

Two mornings this week, so that they can catch more than one shift of workers, the team was selling glazed donuts, scotcheroos, caramel rolls and cinnamon rolls. They raised more than $1,000 with the sweet sales.

Dakota Gasification Company

Ed Mettler, senior control systems engineer, supporting the cause. Tonya Unruh, hardware maintenance technician, is taking care of sales.

Dakota Gasification Company

Seth Nehl, maintenance shop supervisor, picks up a scotcheroo from Randy Zimmerman, network section analyst.

Search this blog and our YouTube channels (playlist 2013-present and playlist 2008-2013) for posts and videos we’ve done with this team through the years.

The team will be shaving as part of the Mercer County event to be held March 17 at Leland Olds Station near Stanton, ND.

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