Leland Olds uses lunch money to raise big bucks for Brave the Shave

Employees raising money for the Mercer County Brave the Shave event are holding fundraisers to add extra dollars to the fund to help fight childhood cancer.

Leland Olds Station employees have been busy holding weekly fundraisers. Two weeks ago, they held a free-will donation ham and scalloped potatoes luncheon over two days bringing in more than $1,700. They’ve also sold caramel rolls, and this week had a baked potato bar luncheon, feeding more than 100 people and bringing in an additional $600. Next week they are planning a bake sale and charity auction.

Leland Olds Station

Leland Olds Station employees picking up toppings in the baked potato bar.

To date, the group at Leland Olds has raised nearly $3,000 to go to the Leland Olds team members brave enough to shave their heads for a great cause.

The Mercer County Brave the Shave event is slated for March 17 at 1:30 p.m. at the Leland Olds Station. Nearly $8,300 has been raised by the 18 participants. Antelope Valley Station and Great Plains Synfuels Plant employees will participate during that event.

Watch this blog and #BraveTheShave on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to watch for updates on all the teams.

Choose the team you want to support:
Leland Olds Station Gone in 60 Seconds
Antelope Valley Station Chrome Domes
Dakota Gas’ Good, Bald, and Ugly
1091 Local Millwright


  1. Steve Straka says:

    You guys are awesome. Why don’t all plants do this. A great idea. Well done!

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