After final checkup, honoree still inspiring others to Brave the Shave


Mason Steckler inspired his friend from school, Demi Lorinser, to cut off her ponytail for Brave the Shave.

It’s often said two heads are better than one. In Mason Steckler’s case, that’s definitely true.

Through his cancer fight, the 15-year-old has seen multiple people come together to raise childhood cancer awareness by shaving their heads.

Steckler is an honoree through Basin Electric’s Brave the Shave campaign, the region’s largest childhood cancer fundraiser on a mission to help kids with cancer. Read more about Steckler’s journey through cancer and Brave the Shave.

Steckler, who had his final oncology checkup in December, is cancer-free today.


Mason Steckler, a 15-year-old Brave the Shave honoree, recently finished his 2015-2016 wresting season.

He plays football, wrestles and runs for his high school track team.

He’s also developed a passion for helping support other kids – many of whom he’s never met – in their fight against cancer.

“I went through so much while fighting cancer when I was younger,” Steckler says. “Hospital workers and friends quickly became part of my family, and there’s no doubt in my mind that there are people I didn’t even know who were helping me.”


After his final oncology checkup in December, Mason Steckler poses with Kate Gartner, pediatric oncology nurse, (left) and Dr. Baruti Serabe. Throughout his fight with cancer, Steckler made friends with the Sanford Health staff members.

This will be the fourth year in a row Steckler shaves his head to pay forward the kindness others showed him. Check out Steckler’s official Brave the Shave donation page.

In recent years, his mom’s even encouraged her co-workers to get involved in Brave the Shave.

“Mason feels as strongly as I do that it’s now our job to show people that these little kids can grow up and be healthy and be involved in things,” says Melinda Steckler, human resources manager at Montana-Dakota Utilities Co.

Steckler’s growing passion for Brave the Shave has since spread to one of his closest friends from school, Demi Lorinser. She recently told him he inspired her to cut off her ponytail in 2016.

“It just felt so good for her to say that,” Steckler says. “It warmed my heart.”

Steckler and Lorinser will be shaving and getting hair cut during the official Brave the Shave Flagship Event 1:30 p.m. March 11 at Missouri Valley Family YMCA in Bismarck, ND.

Below, hear from Kate Gartner, pictured above with Steckler, on why showing support for kids with cancer is important.

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