What it means to support CHI St. Alexius’ NICU through Brave the Shave

It can be a difficult time for a family when a newborn baby is admitted into the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). CHI St. Alexius Health’s dedicated board-certified neonatologists, nurses and respiratory therapists care for newborns during their most fragile moments.

CHI St. Alexius Health Kilee Harmon

CHI St. Alexius Health’s Kilee Harmon, Foundation Development Director.

Brave the Shave is offering CHI St. Alexius as one of the opportunities to raise money to fight childhood cancer this year.

There are five choices on bravetheshave.coop: St. Baldrick’s Foundation, Brave the Shave Family Fund, Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation, Sanford Health – Pediatric Oncology, and CHI St. Alexius Health’s NICU.

This annual multi-state charitable campaign raises money for pediatric cancer. The sole mission is to help kids, their families and support the full spectrum of their cancer journey. Since starting this campaign in 2008, more than 2,000 of people have volunteered at Brave the Shave events, cut their hair or shaved their heads to support impacted children, raising nearly $2 million.

With more than 15 percent of the babies born in the region needing CHI St. Alexius Health’s NICU services, donations will support the purchase of the newest technology and aid in the advancement of the region’s neonatal care. Watch the video to hear from Kilee Harmon, Foundation Development Director.

Check out the CHI St. Alexius team – the Bald Eagles – and support them!

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