Local heroes go head to head for kids in Brave the Shave showdown


Dan Donlin (left), chief of police for the Bismarck Police Department, and Mark Otterness, school resource officer for the department, will attend the upcoming Guns n’ Hoses event, part of the 2016 Brave the Shave campaign.


Lucas Teagle (left), captain of the Bismarck Fire Department, and Jesse Sjoberg, firefighter for the department, will take part in the friendly rivalry during the Guns N’ Hoses event set for March 8 at The Pond in Bismarck.

Local heroes who protect our community will once again shave their heads to help kids in their fight with cancer. Watch the video.

The 2016 Guns n’ Hoses event is part of the 2016 Brave the Shave campaign. This year’s match-up will be held at The Pond in Bismarck, ND, March 8 starting at 6:30 p.m.

Read more about the Guns n’ Hoses showdown.

To members of area police, sheriff and fire departments, the kids fighting cancer are the real heroes.

“Shaving my head is easy. Fighting cancer isn’t easy at all,” says Mark Otterness, school resource officer for the Bismarck Police Department.

There’s a friendly rivalry that exists between the two departments. So the question is, who will raise more money this year?

“Team law’s got it. Hands down,” says Burleigh County Sheriff Pat Heinert.

“The guns are goin’ down,” says Lucas Teagle, captain of the Bismarck Fire Department.

The competition is on! Donate toward the teams below.

Donate toward Team Law

Donate toward Team Hoses

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