Fire district gives trucks donated by Basin Electric a facelift, tune-up

Finished Wilton Truck

The once-white F-450 fleet pickup trucks Basin Electric donated to the Wilton Fire Protection District are now bright red with bold yellow lettering.

Three former Basin Electric trucks are ready for duty at the Wilton Fire Protection District (WFPD).

Over the past year, a few of the district’s volunteer firefighters improved the F-450 engines, and students from Bismarck State College (BSC) helped paint the exterior.

“To get pickups like this is just fantastic for us, and it just makes things easier,” says J.D. YoungBird, WFPD fire chief. “We really do appreciate it.”

White truck

Basin Electric’s F-450 trucks needed engine work when they were donated to the Wilton Fire Protection District in 2015.

Today, the former Basin Electric trucks look brand new.

“The BSC students did a fantastic job painting these trucks,” says Casey Howe, administrative assistant II for the McLean County Sheriff’s Office. She also works with the WFPD.

“The students even helped strip one of the pickup’s rear toolboxes during the process,” she says.

Red toolbox

BSC students stripped a rear toolbox to make sure the painting was done thoroughly.

The once-white trucks are now bright red with bold yellow lettering. It’s a fresh sight for citizens in the area surrounding Wilton, ND, who had previously relied on fire trucks from the late 1970s.

Basin Electric donated the newer trucks in 2015. Being able to fulfill Wilton’s need fit perfectly with the cooperative’s values of safety and community.

One of the new trucks will be used to carry rescue equipment, another will serve as a prairie fire truck, and the third will be a quick-response unit.

“On behalf of the Wilton Fire Protection District, I would like to send a heartfelt thank you to Basin Electric,” Howe says. “Without the cooperative’s donation of trucks, we would have not been able to increase our fleet so quickly. Our volunteers, as well as the community we serve, have been very fortunate to have had this opportunity.”

Check out the first part of this story from July 10, 2015: Basin Electric donates pickup trucks to Wilton Fire Protection District

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