U.S. Supreme Court grants Basin Electric, others Motion to Stay the EPA’s Clean Power Plan

Clean-Power-Plan-US-map-710w-2015Today the U.S. Supreme Court granted Basin Electric and several other petitioners’ Motion to Stay the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan. Granted by a vote of 5-4, this Stay halts implementation of the rule until litigation is concluded.

Oral arguments on the rule’s legality are set for June 2, 2016, with the final decision likely to be made by the U.S. Supreme Court. The petition requesting the Supreme Court hear the case could be filed as early as December 2016.

This is a positive step in the right direction. The driving force in Basin Electric’s decision to litigate the rule is the well-being of our end-use member-consumers, those who will be left paying for compliance with this rule. We are hopeful that given time, ingenuity and federal/industry partnerships, we will create a viable future for all energy sources, one that strengthens rural America, doesn’t adversely impact our members, and gets us down the road with innovative and achievable solutions.

Learn more about the effects the Clean Power Plan would have on Basin Electric and its membership.

Keep scrolling for reaction to the decision.

U.S. Supreme Court

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