Stay Basin: 45-year employee says there’s always something new to learn

Doug BjornsonDoug Bjornson celebrated his 45th year of working at Basin Electric on Jan. 14, and he was met with congratulations from many of his co-workers. He even received kudos from the board of directors.

Time flies when you love the work you do.

“It doesn’t seem like it’s been 45 years,” says Bjornson, Antelope Valley Station mechanic I. “It was pretty neat to be congratulated by everyone.”

Bjornson is the employee with the longest tenure at Basin Electric. “There’s always something new to learn,” he says. “A career at Basin Electric is never boring.”

Bjornson says Basin Electric is a great place to start a career – especially for young professionals interested in continuous learning opportunities. Through countless training opportunities and working closely with his colleagues, he has built an incredible skill set.

Bjornson has worked as a laborer, coalman, boiler attendant and operator’s helper. It was in 1974 that he realized he wanted to be a mechanic.

“It was a great learning experience to go through all those positions,” he says. “There’s training all the time. Plus, safety is pushed so much, and that’s good.”

Much of Basin Electric’s training opportunities are provided in-house, and professionals travel from all over the country to help strengthen employees’ skills.

Not only does Bjornson appreciate the continuous learning that takes place at Basin Electric, he enjoys the tight-knit culture that can be found cooperative wide. It’s a culture of support and family values.

Bjornson looks forward to learning even more during his time at the cooperative.

“It’s a great place to work,” he says.

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