Basin Electric is focused on people first

“They are our greatest assets.”

Diane Paul, Basin Electric senior vice president of Human Resources and Development, is referring to the cooperative’s employees. “Our employees build, maintain and support the infrastructure necessary to generate and transmit electricity for our members. Together, it’s amazing what we have and continue to accomplish.”

“It’s why we work so hard to employ the best in the workforce,” Paul says. “And, after we hire them, we want to keep them. Human Resources recognizes that vital role.”

Paul says whether it’s the compensation or benefits the co-op provides or opportunities to help them further develop their skills, serving employees is the primary function of Human Resources. With significant transition across the cooperative over the last few years with retirements and a large number of new employees beginning their careers at Basin Electric, Paul’s team has been working to transform and zero in on what employees want and need.

Read more about how Basin Electric has been working to ensure employees know their value within the cooperative in the story Focused on people first in the November-December issue of Basin Today.

“Helping to grow and develop employees through enhanced learning opportunities will set a strong foundation for the employees and the cooperative for years into the future,” Paul says.

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