Evidence of continuous improvement at Basin Electric

In any business, there’s ups and downs and constant change. Finding balance hinges on employees understanding the organization’s mission and goals and striving to promote them.

In the case of Basin Electric, the cooperative’s mission is serving members – neighbors, friends and family. That kind of mission lends to a workforce focused on making Basin Electric better.

Employees work tirelessly to continually improve what was started by its members more than 50 years ago. The evidence is in the growth of the cooperative, the innovative foresight, the nature of its service and the commitment to quality of life.

Co-op Plan-01“There’s rarely been a time when Basin Electric or any of its member cooperatives hasn’t been challenged by external forces – be it the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), a depressed economy, or new, yet uncertain opportunities,” says Paul Sukut, Basin Electric CEO and general manager. “It’s the nature of the world. It’s our job to navigate those challenges as best we can, so we can continue to improve upon what our predecessors built.”

That’s exactly what Basin Electric’s employees have been focused on – promoting operational excellence, supporting growth and innovation, and continuing to build on a solid commitment to the cooperative, its workforce and the communities it serves.

Read more about the ways Basin Electric is continuously improving in a story in the November-December issue of Basin Today titled A state of continuous improvement.

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